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Whether it be music, dance, opera or visual arts, with over twenty years experience in promoting arts and entertainment, Smart Arts Solutions will ensure your event targets the right interest group either via print or online listings.

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Smart Arts Solutions understand that not all performing or visual arts events are
the same, but we do believe in a consistent approach to achieve the desired effect appropriate to the occasion.

With over twenty years experience Smart Arts Solutions have a clear understanding
of how important it is to attract suitable audiences with a  fresh, reliable and selective
full media service for print and multi-media applications.

The head of Smart Arts Solutions, Caroline Gresham sums up what we’re all about
in a nutshell: “It’s impossible to generalise the Arts, their effects are very personal,
but without music, painting, sculpture or the theatre the world would be a very dull
place, that’s why I love my job

Smart Arts Solutions’ aim is to bring a new dynamism and fresh thinking to the performing arts whilst enlightening and entertaining its audience.